What are people saying about College Admissions 101?

I have known Ellen Martin for over 20 years and highly recommend her as an educational consultant for parents and educators. Ms. Martin has a plethora of knowledge about colleges. Additionally, Ms. Martin has participated and provided leadership on many committees, task forces and seminars associated with education. Her wealth of knowledge and leadership has provided students, educators and parents with thoughts that work and ideas that can be implemented to provide a better vision for all students.


As a school psychologist for CMS, parents often ask me questions about schools. Ellen Martin has consistently provided the information and resource base I need. I can recommend Ellen with great confidence to the families I serve as I have personally sought Ellen’s help in my efforts to meet the educational needs of my own children. When my daughter was attempting to make decisions about college, I turned to Ellen Martin. She was a fantastic resource and helped my daughter make those critical decisions. Ellen’s experiences as both a parent of three and an educational advocate have empowered her to effectively solve educational problems. She is able to clearly communicate with parents and students to gain a thorough understanding of their concerns and efficiently access a variety of resources.


After realizing that I needed to relinquish the role of “nagging mother” regarding the college essays, I decided that it was time to bring in some reinforcements! Mrs. Martin was the best answer to this dilemma since she was encouraging without being permissive. My son enjoyed being with her and I think she challenged him to do his very best because that is what we got. I would highly recommend her.


Ellen Martin made the college process so seamless for my daughter and I. At first the experience seemed daunting and fraught with tension but Ellen came to the rescue, interfacing with my daughter which made the essay writing flow. However, don’t think for a minute that Ellen wrote the essays for my daughter. What she did was wonderful because she helped my daughter think through what she was writing in order to add depth and insight. The final essays were my daughter’s own words beautifully written. Ellen was a delight to work with- I don’t quite know how we would have gotten through the college application process without her. Both my daughter and I give Ellen Martin the highest recommendation. If you enlist her in your college application process, you will be thrilled!


I was at your college presentation tonight at Hickory High. I wanted to thank you SO much for coming. I will admit I wondered if your session would tell me anything new as my senior this year is our third child. But, even after going through the process twice, you are a wealth of information & a wonderful presenter & I thank you so much for traveling to Hickory!


Ellen Martin was extremely efficient. My son didn’t have the best attitude going into the process and was at first a ‘challenge’ to work with but Ellen kept with it and it became a pleasure to work with her.


a haiku…      Ellen Martin rocks | I cannot thank you enough | I’ll miss our meetings


What a gift you have been to me! And to [my son]! Parenting a kid with ADD is a real labor of love and your presence and guidance and support through the college application process is invaluable! You have helped [my son] and me from having fights/tension and head-butting!