Individualized College Counseling

  • Strategies for Presenting Your ‘Best Self’
  • Student-College Matching
  • Essay Guidance and Resume Development
  • Emotional Support and Cheerleading


The private college counseling service of College Admissions 101 is dedicated to unraveling the mystery of college admissions through one-on-one advising. Our goal is to relieve stress; not add to it! The overriding objective is to reduce anxiety in the college application process within a supportive, relationship developing, atmosphere, which will produce the best work. Services are offered from ‘soup to nuts’ (a la carte) but the distinguishing nature of our counseling service is that assistance is customized to fit the specific needs of the client. By providing only the help that is needed, pricing stays reasonable. Guidance is focused on helping the student present his/her ’best self’ on the application. The major areas of focus are: developing a list of ‘best fit’ colleges, writing an exceptional personalized essay and creating a well-organized resume. At the time of application, the GPA, standardized test scores, level of coursework and extra-curricular activities have already been determined, so heavy emphasis is placed where the biggest positive impact can be made: the essay(s). The essay is one of the few opportunities left to improve the quality of the application. Essay counseling consists of helping the student determine/discover their best individualized essay topic and a step-by-step editing process which uncovers the client’s authentic (their “voice”) essay. The essay is one of the few ways colleges get to know their candidates, providing an additional format to distinguish yourself from other applicants who may have the same objective qualifications.

Our goal is to help you put together an application that you will be proud of!